Free delivery on orders value above Rs.499/-

Free delivery on orders value above Rs.499/-

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Authentic Kerala Spices
Single Origin spices directly sourced from the Pristine High Range Hills of Idukki

Mysa (My—sa) as the word suggests resonates into being comfortable. Our Truly organic range of products focus a healthier & more eco-friendly lifestyle.
We source south India’s freshest heirloom, and single-origin spices directly from our partner farms to bring you next level flavour and fragrance.

Grown in the hilly regions of western ghats, Idukki – Kerala; our spices are particularly grown for flavour and aroma, guaranteed same-year harvest to ensure the highest potency and freshness. We partner with small, multi-generational family farms and plantations, paying them an average 2x premium for their regeneratively farmed, single origin spices.

We are here to put money, equity and power into the best regenerative spice farms across South Asia, and bring wildly delicious, hella potent flavors into your home cooking.

Our Small Batch Sourcing allows for greater control over the quality of the spices. Each batch is handpicked and carefully examined ensuring the spices meet the highest standards and of the highest quality.


We select the finest of the spices from the High Range farms of Kerala where growing spices is a tradition and a faith. Our commitment to quality and intimacy with purity roots deep into the spirit of spices
Mysa is a premium spices brand with its humble beginnings in Kerala. We are dedicated for accentuating your everyday meal with extraordinary flavours. From the pristine hills of Idukki our spices are all handpicked. Backed by thousands of hectares of responsible sourcing, only the most authentic, fresh and premium spice varieties make it to Mysa.

Our logo stands for the sustainability, versatility & transparency of the ingredients used as well as their application. Our Truly organic range of products focus a healthier & more eco-friendly lifestyle. Use Mysa spices once and you’ll experience the unparalleled flavour & aroma our spices can add to your everyday preparations.

Range of Products

From the Rich soil of Idukki, comes the finest cardamom. These aromatic spices add depth and flavour to any dish, and support sustainable agriculture in the region.
Green Cardamom is popularly known as the “Queen of Spices” and is widely used throughout the world as a flavoring agent. It is well-known for its numerous health benefits. It offers a strong, sweet, pungent flavour and aroma, with hints of lemon and mint. It is a key ingredient in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines for savory recipes. It is added to items such as pastries, puddings, poultry dishes and beverages like tea and coffee to add depth of flavor and to harness its medicinal properties. Elaichi or Elekka is harvested from the “Elettaria cardamomum” plant which is indigenous to the south Indian state of Kerala.